Charles E. Chamberlain
DD: 01962 865 725
M: 07850 30 77 22

Assistant: Lucy Nelson
DD: 01962 862 313

Merlion Capital Corporation is a property company undertaking a range of developments with some investment properties. Typically our recent purchases have been brownfield town centre sites with the intention of obtaining planning consent, resolving any issues relating to contamination, access or other issues and undertaking the development.

We typically work with partners where we provide 100% finance to enable the project to progress to completion. Projects, either ongoing or over the last 5 years, include industrial, offices, unit shops, Doctors surgery, residential houses and flats, bars, restaurants, health and fitness, 5 aside football, children's nursery, hotel and student halls of residence.

Merlion Capital Corporation is experienced, flexible and well financed.

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